On Monday February 28th we returned from our Photo Safari Botswana 2011. I have to claim that Botswana did not disappoint us as usually. We were lucky not only in terms of weather, but also in terms of animals. So far we have managed to photograph the almost extinct African wild dogs every time and this year was not an exception. In Lebala Camp we had the opportunity to watch approximately 12-member Southern kennel for two days not only during resting or by water lit, but also during hunting. As another photographic specialty I can mention for example photography of leopard or three cheetah males. I do not even have to talk about the great amount of bird species nesting in the Okavango delta…

However the most important is always the group of people, who travel to the Photo Safari. And that was also excellent. We will certainly repeat the Photo Safari in Botswana next year, nonetheless next time there will be a small (big) change. One part of Photo Safari will take place in Lebala Camp lying at the border with Namibia being separated from the well known Caprivi Strip only by the river Kwando. Lebala proved well among others as a great place mainly for photographing the African wild dogs. Another part of Photo Safari will take place in Central Kalahari, which is one of the greatest natural reserves in the world. In February, when the Photo Safari will be organized, huge herds of hoofs gather here, however you can also see lions, cheetahs, leopards or African wild dogs. Another specialty of this reserve is the possibility to meet the Bushmen tribe, which inhabits this area.

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